Thursday, April 26, 2007

Miranda July - Book Promotion

My wife, Laredo, just sent me this. Bar none, it is the coolest, smartest, hippest bit of self promotion I have seen in ... ever?


RJGibson said...

This is great.

robin andrea said...

One of the most creative self-promotions I have ever seen. Truly inspired. Thanks for the link.

Hummis said...

oh, i agree! i will purchase book!

steve on the slow train said...

Brilliant promotion.
Off-topic question: Would you recommend the undergraduate creative writing program at Purdue? My son Jim will be graduating from high school next year, and it would be a financial relief for for us if he didn't follow his sisters to expensive private schools (Luther and Knox), but went to a nice in-state public university.

P.S. I found your blog through Robin Andrea, formerly known as Rexroth's Daughter (though she isn't Mariana).

Babette said...

Robin Andrea sent me. My son-in-law received his Masters in Engineering from Purdue and/but he's very poetic.

Keith said...

Hi everyone.

Yes, the promotion makes traditional advertising and marketing strategies seem downright pointless. And boring.

Steve, re: Purdue. I am not really in touch with anyone at Purdue these days.

My wife, however, is close friends with a fiction writer who teaches in the program, and through her we have heard great things about Shreve Porter - the creative writing program director. Also, last I heard Bloomington has an impressive program.

Babette, the Engineer/poet blend is not as surprising at it might seem.

During my time at Purdue, a number of people in the creative writing program (fiction side if I remember correctly) had actually come into Purdue for Engineering, took a creative writing elective and decided not long after to switch majors.

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