Sunday, December 27, 2009

Comp Books, a Nerd's Confession

I have to admit, that one my greatest joys is finding notebooks, especially the comp book style, at super low, post-back-to-school prices. Here is the latest batch I got a Office Max for 80c a piece. A while back, I found some good ones at Target for 60 cents a piece. Cool.

Poetry News


I am very upbeat about a recent rejection letter I got. The poem R.W.W. is on the death of my son Rainer back in 1998. There was a note scribbled on the form reject saying the poem was lovely, wish it didn't end with a question though. Not the first time I was told that and since poetry is what, 80% revision? I am working on a new last line and will resubmit it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nuts, It's Been Ages

What's up with the life stuff that keeps me from my beloved Poor Fool?

Here are few quick updates.

SPAM has discovered Poor Fool and at present I have 33 comments from Anonymous, for everything from Viagra offers to War Craft cheats. So if you comment and you are a legitimate Anonymous I probably won't see your message anymore. Alas!

On an off note, I have been beseiged by Peter Sellers-like (Pink Panther) missteps. Feeling all upbeat and cocky because of a good jog, I threw a handful of cashews into my mouth and a bunch of salt(because they were the last nuts in the container) got in my eyes.

As part of my efforts to be more relaxed throughout the day, I stopped working and took a deep sniff of a Vanilla candle and snorted the flame into my nostril. Now there's a smell you don't want to think about. Burnt nose hair. Trapped in your nose no less.

Other than that, freelance work has been crazy steady. I am jogging again. And I even have a few poems out.
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